Most Attractive Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh tourism packages tour operators And Places to visit in Bangladeshi. Top beautiful place tours and travel agencies in Kuakata & Coxs Bazar Sea Beach and Sundarban National Park. Tourist attractions in Bangladesh include, historical and monuments, beaches, resorts, picnic spots, wildlife of various species, forests and tribal people. Bangladesh offers plenty of opportunities to tourists for water skiing, river cruising, angling, hiking, yachting, rowing and sea bathing as well as bringing one in close touch with perfect nature. The most popular tourist attractions in Bangladesh are highlighting here.

cox’s bazar: the longest sea beach in the world

cox’s bazar: the longest sea beach in the world Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest sea beach that is also called the capital of tourism in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is a seaside town, a fishing port and the district headquarters in Bangladesh. It’s a good place to enjoy the nature of beautiful Bangladesh. It has well known for its ample and long sandy beach, which also considered as the world‘s longest natural sandy sea beach.

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saint martin : only coral island in bangladesh

saint martin : only coral island in bangladesh Saint Martin’s Island is one best Eco-Tourism Destinations and the only coral island in Bangladesh. It is the most beautiful island which also called the marine paradise of Bangladesh. It has located in the northeastern side of the Bay of Bengal, just about 9 kilometers south from the Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf peninsula and 8 km west from the northwest coast of Myanmar, at the entrance of the Naf River.

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teknaf sea beach: complete solitude on a gorgeous beach

teknaf sea beach: complete solitude on a gorgeous beach Teknaf Sea Beach or Teknaf Peninsula is one of the longest (80 km) sandy beach ecotourism destinations in the world. It characterizes an intermediary ground for the wildlife of the Indo-Himalayan and Indo-Malayan environmental sub-regions. Teknaf Peninsula includes mangrove, beaches and sand dunes, mudflats, canals and lagoons and marine habitat. This mangrove forest happens in Teknaf peninsula both as mostly distributed in the intertidal zone and natural forest with planted stands. The habitat of 161 different fisheries species supported at the Teknaf peninsula mangroves.

nilgiri, bandorban – the highest hill resort of bangladesh

nilgiri, bandorban – the highest hill resort of bangladesh Nilgiri is the most wonderful and highest hill resort of beautiful Bangladesh with astonishing natural beauty. It is located 47 kilometer South-East of Bandarban city on Chimbuk that is 2400 feet high from sea level. You’ll find fancy residential accommodation which makes a difference. This attractive resort maintained by the Bangladesh Army.

sundarban : the largest mangrove forest in the world

sundarban : the largest mangrove forest in the world Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world and one of the best tourism in Bangladesh which is a mist-masked, river-riddled slough region of changing tides, human-eating tigers and secluded adventure. This is really wild landscape and chug-chugging along its river waterway into its marshy heart of darkness is as breathtaking as it is serene.

Nilachal Bandarban : Behind the clouds

Nilachal Bandarban : Behind the clouds Nilachal is one of the most attractive tourist places in Bangladesh situated at Tiger Para, about 5-6 km away from Bandarban, which is also known as Tiger Hill. Many people called the place as Swarga Puri (place of haven) as its astonishing illusive and wild landscape.

Kaptai Lake Rangamati : Largest Manmade Lake and Hanging Bridge

Kaptai Lake Rangamati : Largest Manmade Lake and Hanging Bridge Kaptai Lake is one of the most beautiful tourism in bangladesh with blue watery lake. The area of the Lake is about 11,000 km2. You will definitely enjoy the natural beauty of the lake and able to discover the beautiful Bangladesh, when you will journey by boat there.

Sonargaon, Dhaka

Sonargaon, Dhaka Sonargaon is the Oldest Capital of Bangladesh; this is one of the best Bangladesh tourism place. Mainly for the people who love to visit historic significances of the place. It has lived many historic periods under the government of Sultanates and empires. Eventually after, British took the control of it and it lost its significance. But it further developed with neighborhood settled named Panam City. Much of Hindu and Mughals era building are ruined and much of them are gone but some have survived and still living. So it gets much significance on the topic of Bangladesh tourism.

Lalbagh Fort – Dhaka

Lalbagh Fort – Dhaka It is most popular and well-known fort and signature of Art and crafts from Mughal Empire. It has one more identity as Aurangabad fort, Situated in Lalbagh, Old Dhaka. Situated on the Bank of River Buriganga with rich red soil.
Lalbagh Fort contributes with three buildings, The Mosque at the west side, The Tomb of Pari-Bibi situated middle of the Fort and The Diwan-i-aam Palace at the east side. The mosque still used to prayer and the art of Fort amaze the visitor, especially the designing structure of the tomb of Pari-Bibi is designed gorgeously. It catches the tourist attractions in Bangladesh. Designed with Marble stones, tiles, and the top dome is covered with pure copper.

Sixty Dome Mosque, Bagerhat

Sixty Dome Mosque, Bagerhat Now you will be amazed to know about this Mosque. Sixty Done mosque is an ancient mosque in the Begarhat City of Bangladesh. Correct information about its construction cannot be found as it was situated in any time in history.

Its specialty to see is that it is sixty dome construction. The mosque was built many years ago and it is located in one of the three heritage areas.

Mosque has eleven Door walls east side. The north and south walls have seven doors. Beautiful Bangladesh offers the various Bangladesh tourism place for visitors or outsiders who come to enjoy their holidays in true peaceful manners or want to make the experience of real historical places or natural imagery.

kuakata sea beach

kuakata sea beach Kuakata sea beach is a white sandy beach also known as “Sagar Kannya” or “Daughter of the Sea”. It is […]

dhakeshwari national temple: the oldest temple of dhaka

dhakeshwari national temple: the oldest temple of dhaka Dhakeshwari National Temple is one of the great tourist attractions in Bangladesh, situated at Dhaka. Dhakeshwari is a symbol of Hinduism in Bangladesh. The name Dhakeshwari eludes to its allegiance to the Goddess of Dhaka and all kinds of visitors should ensure to show respect for the holy beliefs of those who frequent this ancient and large temple.

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